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NITROMAK Business Culture

Our value creation process is based on achieving firsts with practical innovative solutions. Our business culture supports this continuous focus on innovation and improvement. As Nitromak, we strive to build a business environment in which every employee can be successful. Our values constitute the basic building blocks of our business culture. Values are our priorities that hold our organization and our employees together, express our beliefs, and shape our work habits. Our business culture has 3 focus points: our people, occupational safety and environment, and innovative technology.

At the heart of the sustainable innovation and value creation process lies a customer-focused business culture in which inclusive and committed teams of competent employees operate. As Nitromak, we encourage diversity and dedication and appreciate successful business results.

Performance evaluation process

Our performance management is a process in which the employee and the manager are equally involved. We believe that the future success of our business units and our employees depends on the fulfillment of their own role and accountability for business results. We believe that the open communication we provide with the appreciation and recognition tools we use for the expected results, the behaviors to be displayed while achieving these results and the gains to be achieved, and our efforts to speak the same language with our employees are the keys to the company's success.

Diversity and Inclusion

Within the scope of corporate governance and sustainability, we pay attention to our business environment to be diverse, equitable and inclusive. Our employees differ in age, gender, family structure, race, religion, and lifestyle. It is this diversity that makes our company a good place to work. As Nitromak, we respect our employees and commit that we will always strive to be an inclusive workplace that embraces diversity.

Our parent company, IPL, has been included in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index due to the improvement it has demonstrated. Please refer to the details from here.

Employee Awards Program for Living the Values 

This Award celebrates the achievements of an individual employee, or group of employees, who have been exemplary in ‘living the values’. These people help to deliver on our promises and deserve to be recognized for their efforts.

The basis of our culture of developing innovative solutions is that our competent employees make the right decisions and choices regarding their own safety and health, as well as colleagues and those around them.

Zero Harm value is our number one priority. We believe that occupational accidents and injuries are preventable. We aim to embed safe behaviors by providing lean procedures, work instructions, and regular training. We respect the resources we consume, we try to minimize our environmental impact, and we strive to be a valuable and respected member of the society in which we operate.

Innovative solutions lie at the heart of the future. We believe in practical and innovative solutions, for which we create ideas from the areas of use of our products and services, that will contribute to the improvement of our customers' operational results. Using global knowledge resources and talent to tackle local challenges and find answers to problems, we are united and motivated. We are pleased to add value to our customers with production excellence focused on efficiency, technological solutions, and services at global standards.

Make your Career Significant

There are major jobs that add value to human lives - highway and dam construction, coal and metal mining, industrial raw material mining. All these works are undertaken by competent and courageous people. Each Nitromak employee moves our company forward by developing practical and innovative solutions in their field and achieving groundbreaking results. Competent and engaged people are our greatest asset. Join us to make the world a better place.

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