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Underground Applications

Nitromak offers practical and effective solutions to diverse underground applications and geological conditions with its balanced product portfolio.

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General Information

Underground bulk emulsion explosives are one of the areas whose technology is developing fastest recently. Nitromak offers bulk emulsion and charging systems that respond practically to the diverse applications and requirements of underground business.

The bulk emulsion, with its explosive nature, allows the hole walls to be filled completely, creating a homogeneous charging scheme and high energy output. Due to its excellent water resistance, it can be used with the same success in both dry and wet holes. In addition, since there is no dissolution in water, it prevents the escape of deadly NOx gases and pollution of groundwater with nitrate during the shot.

Bulk emulsion explosives are widely used around the world to add value and efficiency to underground blasting applications.

DynoMiner® series charging systems, developed by Dyno Nobel as a result of global experience and sectoral knowledge, offer well-equipped, reliable, and practical solutions to all needs of underground businesses, regardless of the mining method and blasting application.

  • The main benefits offered by products and charging systems:
  • Improved development per shot
  • Improved fragmentation distribution
  • Face contour optimization and reduction of over waste
  • Improved contamination rate
  • Drilling optimization
  • Shorter charging time and reduced workforce by the mechanized charging process

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