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High standard in services

We aim to add value to our customers with technological solutions focusing on efficiency and services at global standards.


Mining and construction activities carried out in order to utilize natural resources, increase the level of national welfare and raise human life standards make a considerable contribution to the industry and economy of our country.

Nitromak blasting services teams carry out blasting operations, which is one of the most important processes of mining and construction, in all kinds of mining and operating conditions, through their engineering knowledge, corporate work culture, and competent staff.


We believe in practical and innovative solutions that will contribute to the improvement of our customers' operational results. We are ready to overcome the difficulties faced by our customers and find answers to the problems by using Nitromak capabilities and knowledge with the support of DynoConsult global information network, the technical consultancy unit of DynoNobel.

  • Blasting vibration and air shock control
  • Grain size optimization
  • Ore contamination optimization
  • Slope control
  • Progress improvement
  • Excess removal control
  • Occupational safety inspection and training

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